Overcoming Language Barriers: Navigating New Zealand's Work Visa Changes

Date: Sunday, 26th May 2024 | Time: 3:00 PM (NZ Time)

Hey there, future Kiwis! πŸ‘‹

Is it your dream to live in New Zealand?

Do you feel that the difficulty of learning English is impeding your plans to relocate to New Zealand?

Do you know that as of April 2024, we have a new requirement for a work visa?

Do you know that an English test has to be presented before you can apply for residence as well!

In our FREE live ZOOM Webinar

🌟 Unlock Your New Zealand Dream: Overcome Language Barriers and Thrive in Your New Home🌟


Who needs an English test and to what level? What level of English do you have to show to apply for residence in New Zealand? Learn about navigating New Zealand's Work Visa landscape: Understanding the Latest Regulations. No More Doubts and Worries. You will be clear about your course of action after this FREE LIVE WEBINAR!


An International Recruiter and Career Consultant of 22 years, Olia Essina and the Professional English Tutor, Master in Applied Linguistics, PhD in English study, and author of 3 textbooks on reading English sounds and English learning, Olga Lysun.

In an hour-long webinar, you will learn the following:

From speaking and listening to grammar and vocabulary, we’ll explain how it is possible and easily achievable for you
Don’t miss out on your dream job in New Zealand because of low English skills! Act now and open doors to new opportunities!
Temporary visa or permanent stay, English is required for all these days.

Join our FREE LIVE webinar!

🌟 Unlock Your New Zealand Dream: Overcome Language Barriers and Thrive in Your New Home!🌟

Join our FREE Zoom Webinar on Sunday, 26 May at 3 pm New Zealand time.

You will hear from our professional teacher and understand the new regulations. You will be able to join a discounted first study group.

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