Embracing Challenges and Opportunities in New Zealand.

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 Olia’s Insights.

Hello, my friends! Olia here with you, braving the chilly winds of a New Zealand spring. It’s been a lovely and sunny experience, but alas, the weather got the better of me, and I find myself battling a stubborn cold. Nevertheless, I’m determined to share some exciting updates and insights with you.

Last Week’s Recap
In our line of work—international recruitment and career consulting— I encountered some great questions and received wonderful feedback. I believe in sharing success stories and valuable information with you, and today is no exception.
Last week, I posted two job ads—one for a Formwork Carpenter and another for General Construction Workers. The latter is specifically aimed at those in New Zealand who have unfortunately lost their jobs and are seeking new opportunities. This position offers more than just a job; it includes food and accommodation, a testament to our commitment to supporting individuals through challenging times.
Crafting the Perfect Application: A Success Story
I was thrilled to receive an outstanding application for the Formwork Carpenter position. The applicant had carefully listened to the advice and insights shared here, presenting their file exactly as recommended. This, my friends, is the power of following instructions. I could clearly understand the candidate’s skills and expertise, making it an easy decision to move them forward in the recruitment process.

A Peek into the Opportunities

The Formwork Carpenter position is with a prominent New Zealand civil engineering company involved in projects ranging from power stations to road construction and various commercial endeavors. For those interested in applying, I’ve compiled a list of essential questions the employer wants answered. Your cover letter or CV should address these queries to stand out from the crowd.

Key points to cover:

  • Specify your experience in similar projects.
  • Clearly outline your role and contributions to previous projects.
  • Specify the type of Formwork Carpenter work you excel in (e.g., wood, Aluminium, Plastic, different materials).
  • Highlight your ability (or lack thereof) to read drawings, a crucial skill in this field.

Fresh Opportunity Alert: Car and Truck Mechanics Wanted!

Breaking news, folks! I have an exciting new opportunity for skilled individuals in the automotive realm—Car and Truck Mechanics. This position involves the repair of general cars and vans, covering both diesel and petrol engines. If you’ve already submitted your CV, a friendly reminder about your skills might be in order. If you haven’t, now’s your chance! Clearly communicate your expertise in car and truck mechanics, specifying the types of vehicles and parts you’re adept at handling.

Our pipeline pick: waterproofing professionals – expect employer interviews soon!

In conclusion, these opportunities are not just jobs—they are gateways to personal and professional growth. If you’re ready to take the plunge, send in your applications, and let’s embark on this journey together.

Remember, your success is our success. Until next time, stay warm and stay inspired!

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