RECRUITER TIPS for Online Job Interview

RECRUITER TIPS for Online Job Interview

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1.  Greetings and Introduction. Please be polite and look in the eyes of the interviewer, smile!

2. Almost always at the beginning of the interview  – “Tell me about yourself or similar”. 

Here you have 3-4 min of time for your professional introduction which we teach in this class.

3. More specific questions from an employer may be based on the information in your CV.

4. Personal questions about your family, hobbies, or why you chose to go to work to New Zealand.

5. Opportunity for you to ask question. Please have at least one  question prepared.   

Our open lesson on Sunday  is about point 2 – Professional introduction or “Elevator Pitch”. Where you have to present your best professional skills to your employer and be chosen for the job because of that. 

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