Helpful tips for job interview on-line or off-line.

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Helpful tips for job interview online or offline

Or how to answer 3 questions that everyone struggles to respond.


How much would you like to be paid? Or what is your salary expectation? 

This is a question you’ll get often, so here are some tips to help you:

International recruitment New Zealand

Please do your homework before an interview-research what other people pay!


For your research you can use the following websites: or

Find out what other companies are paying people in this role and share with your potential employer what you learned about this salary range. 

Let them know there’s room to negotiate (instead of starting with a specific number). Avoid going too low though because that’s going to work against your interests. And don’t go too high either, or you may lose the opportunity.

Check about bonuses. 

Doing this can create a win-win situation for both parties to bridge the gap between what you want and what you’re being offered.


  • Know the industry norms for similar jobs.
  • Talk about ranges, rather than exact numbers.
  • Explain your gifts/talents/experience and that what you bring to the table has a premium value.


 What is your weakness? – a tricky question?

Your interviewer is looking for self-awareness and personal accountability.


Be humble.

You want to tell a real story that shows you are self-aware. It’s all right that you don’t come off as ideal, that’s authentic, which is essential for a person who will certainly need to trust you in the function that they’re employing for.

International recruitment New Zealand

Select a weak point that is not related to the job.

For example, if you’re applying for a carpenter job, choose a quality that is not essential to the job you are doing. 

Demonstrate how you manage it.

Have a fix-it strategy. For example, if you struggle with remembering items information or names, track them on your phone or a notepad. This shows that you know your week point and addressing it. 


  • Companies are looking for self-awareness and also personal liability.
  • It’s excellent to be sincere about what you’re not terrific at.
  • Share what you are doing to proactively improve this weak point.


What do you like to do outside of work?

Employer wants to get a feel for your   personality and cultural fit. So what should you say? 

International recruitment New Zealand

Pick among your favourites.

Go ahead and share something about your hobby, volunteer job, or the locations you like taking a trip to. In general, you simply want to tell them something that’s true and also will certainly paint you as a healthy and balanced person.

Keep it brief.

For example, if you’re a mountaineer in your spare time, avoid the 20-minute story of every mounting you conquered. Share enthusiastically  for 2-3 minutes so your interest radiates through, but do not talk too much. 

Stay clear of topics causing division. 

Stay clear of anything that could provoke an anger like national politics or religious beliefs. Select something uncontroversial or valuable, and take advantage of the possibility to show them that you’re the full package.


  • Share something that paints a great picture.
  • Keep it brief.
  • Do not bore them with long tales.
  • Avoid the “mine fields”. mountaineer

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