How to Manage Your Team of Tradies

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Business is most often a people business, and you should have a personal connection to each of your tradies or you’ll be disappointed in their work. 

You make money and do a good work because your team of skilled workers is going out every morning and doing that work. And if you want to grow and scale up your business, you will hire more tradies. 

Creating and developing a strong and loyal team of Skilled Professionals  providing that they:

  • Do a good job 
  • Take care about the success of the business and enjoy work for you
  • Know your goals and opportunities for the business
  • Active in their intention to build and grow a successful business 

Managing a team with tradies – the small picture 

let’s discuss how you manage your team. If leading them is the main task, then showing them your plans and the role they play, sharing your strategy is the second. 

It starts with their job descriptions – everyone should have one. 

This is to clarity on what you are expecting from skilled tradies and what they’re responsible for. 

You need to demand from them responsibility for their performance – everyday.

You should have a management hierarchy in place 

There’s only a few people you can manage by yourself while you are also doing your other duties. 

You should talk with your workers daily, and if you have managers, they also should meet their teams regularly as well.

For example you can at least ask “How did yesterday go?” or “Do you need help with anything?” 

Moreover, you should bring all of your tradies together once a month or so to talk about how the process is going – progress, recognising contributions workers are making. 

It’s a key factor to make these steps in communicating. It brings everyone together and makes every tradie feel like they’re part of a team rather than a bunch of people with the same uniform. 

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