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It’s very difficult to find RIGHT SKILLED TRADIES these days — if you’ve thought about it  recently, you’re not alone. For many years, high school students choose more high-tech jobs than the skilled workers specialty, therefore, it turns out a shortage of trained on the job candidates. 

So far it’s real problem to find good tradies who are up-to-date with their skills! Below you can find 3 ways to find the right skilled workers.

Define clearly about what you need

Maybe your company is looking for someone who can weld and fix machines, inform about it. Or maybe you are looking for a woodworker or electrician. If you know exactly who you need, you should write a job description that includes a description with skills that are you looking to help the company going forward, and you’ll attract tradies with the necessary abilities. 

Check certifications.

With those skills in mind, look carefully at the worker’s resume to make sure they have certifications to back up their abilities. If they indicated their previous jobs, call and double check. This is the similar process as checking references before you do when you decide to make an offer. You want to be sure that you are hiring skilled workers who will be able to contribute to the position right away. 

Be creative in your recruiting.

In addition to post open vacancies online, or try to find new employees via your current team, or work in collaboration with trade schools and unions. To involve the best-skilled tradies, you need to describe to them why they should choose your company as their employer instead of other companies looking for workers with similar skills. What can you offer to attract them? Do you have a training program to help them make their skills better? Can you offer flexible hours that can make a better work-life balance? Can you keep the right balance in recruiting women as much as men? Good skilled tradies are out there, and you just need to put your right 2023 recruiting strategy on and try your best to create the position as attracting as possible.

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