5 reasons why deciding to become a skilled tradie could be the best choice you’ll ever make!

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Job Satisfaction

It is certainly a magic in creating something with your own hands. Build or repair something – it’s not just a task – it’s a skill and craft, maybe even an art. Of course, it’s hard work as well, but when you will finish it, you can look at your work, and enjoy it. 

You could also start a business and get to work for yourself. That’s right – your hours, your choice, your tools and your job, just the way you want to do it. 

No Two Days Are The Same

Every day brings a variety of challenges in construction. You could be waiting when other workers finish their work before you can start, or some tasks have to be done before the weather will change. Every task has a different timeframe and budget, and it’s up to you as a professional to make it work the best way you can.

In the work process there’s always something new to learn. Therefore, having a good head on your shoulders is an important part of success.

Say no to the office cubicle

You can hold office practically anywhere. For a skilled tradies, the office is much more variable and free than that boxed-in cubicle at a building square. You can spend days outside, working on different sites, standing up and moving around, doing the things you love – rather than stay in an office seated all day, and interact with people.


In the matter of wages, your income as a tradie is not limited to the hours spent at work. With the proper qualification, the more skills you get, the higher you can earn. Getting a new license, for a specific trade, be it a plumber, electrician, etc, increases your possibility to earn more. 

No university Education Needed

For example, an university bachelor’s degree for an office job will typically take three years, then you will have the option for further study for honors, masters and doctorates. For tradies it isn’t necessary to spend so long studying, often learning the most important skills on the job and avoiding large debts in the process.

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